Thank you Ann Coulter for your accomplishment in the talkshow Skavlan. Many people in Sweden are so tierd of the media and their lies. Skavlan is known to be a talkshow leader that tries to bring down people who are critical to politicians that let killers and rapist from other countries stay in Sweden.


Listen to the program here  how  the program leader, Skavlan asks questions.  Ann however, is quick to call Skavlans tricky questions.
* She talks about how some people have a lack humor and use humorous statements like it’s true, we have does people in Sweden to.
* She talks about how traditional media turn agains the people and protects the power. Same thing here in Sweden.
* She talks about how people do not want  people from other countries, who are killing and raping, allowed to stay. I do not want killers and rapist from other countries get rewarded to stay in my country.
* She talks beautifully about our different cultures, and how cultures are eliminated if we are all equal and there are no differences. I would not want to wake up in Brazil and everyone was like Swedes, scary if you ask me.
* She promotes immigration as positive. Of course, immigration has also been positive and enriching. As I said, I would not like to wake up in a country where everyone was like Swedes. But I want our way of living to be in majority in our country, because l don’t want people who honor kills their daughters to be norm.
* She talks about Trump like a people’s man, and Skavlan protests, but as she says, the person who listens to the people and expresses their views, becomes a people’s man. The Sweden Democrats is the people’s party in Sweden to about 18 percent.
Now my wish is that Ann would like to come to Sweden, and our alternative book fair 2019. Skavlan says she would not last five minutes in Sweden, let’s prove how wrong he has.

If you want to know more about what is going on in Sweden, listen to my talk l held in Denmark:

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